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What Students Are Saying About Dwayne's Guitar Lessons

Excellent Teacher!

"Dwayne is an excellent teacher and a great person to work with. He tailors his lessons to your individual learning style, which makes the process fun. I highly recommend Dwayne’s lesson approach for both kids and adults. You’ll definitely become a better guitar player " Scott

Highly Recommended!

"Dwayne came highly recommended by parents at my son’s school. My son took lessons for several years. Dwayne has a great passion for music & teaching. Students will show real results in the first lesson which builds interest & morale. To his credit, Dwayne is the best at what he does!." JR


"Dwayne has been fantastic! He has shown great patience with my son while pushing him a little when he needs it. He has not only improved my son’s skills on the guitar, but he has also instilled confidence. I highly recommend Dwayne!" Doug

Personal & Exhilarating!

"I have been taking lessons from Dwayne since 2007, and there is no other person I would want to be teaching me the guitar! His 1 on 1 teaching makes learning guitar very personal & exhilarating. He teaches at your pace and takes pride in what YOU want to learn. The best part…If Dwayne doesn’t know a song a student wants to play, he takes time out of his week to learn the song just for his students to play. His teachings come to life in my performance and have progressed over the past 8 years. Words cannot describe how amazing of a teacher, rockstar & true friend Dwayne has become to me. I look forward to every week and I can’t imagine my life without him. Dwayne Jenkins is the reason I pick up the guitar every day. I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to play guitar!" Dominic

Perfect Choice!

"I have watched our grandson, Carson, turn into an amazing musician under the guidance of Dwayne Jenkins, his guitar teacher. There has been an incredible transformation in our grandson’s musical ability, learning from such an outstanding teacher! Dwayne’s love of music, his incredible teaching techniques, and his knack for making learning fun, not to mention his great personality, make Dwayne the perfect choice for anyone who wants to play guitar! Dwayne ROCKS! I would give him an Outstanding PLUS rating!" Shar

Makes Learning Fun!

"I have taken lessons from many guitar teachers throughout the years and none of them have allowed me to progress in such a short time or have made learning as fun as Dwayne Jenkins. I now feel that I am actually getting somewhere with the instrument. I have learned more in two months with Dwayne than I had in two years with other teachers. Do you want to get better? Do you want to have fun learning the guitar? Then pick Dwayne, I guarantee you’ll see positive results quickly!" Julie

Very Nice Guy!

"At the age of 60, I decided to try to learn to play guitar. I’m a singer and want to be able to accompany myself instead of always relying on finding an instrumentalist. Several years ago I tried taking lessons from a friend but didn’t feel I was making any progress and gave up after a short time. My friend was a good guitarist but he wasn’t a teacher. What a difference it has made taking lessons with Dwayne! Not only is he a very nice guy, but he is also great at checking in to see how I’m doing and is totally approachable. In only a few weeks I’m playing and singing some 3 – 5 chord songs. Dwayne assigns clear and concise “homework” with a variety of techniques which makes it interesting and fun to practice. I highly recommend him as a guitar teacher.!" Madelaine

A Great Friend!

“Dwayne, thank you so much for all the years of doing lessons. You have been very patient with my progress and helped me to build confidence and self-assurance in myself and my guitar playing. You as a guitar teacher have inspired me to follow my dreams. Not only as a guitar player but also in life. And in doing so you have become a great friend. Which I hope will be for years to come” Jake

A Great Teacher!

“Dwayne, Thank you so much for teaching me every Saturday. It has been a true pleasure spending time with you and learning the fun of playing guitar. You have not only taught me about the guitar but also about life and have helped me with setting my own personal goals. Not just with guitar, but with everything else in life. You are a great teacher, mentor, and the best friend ever.” Carson

Great Instructor!

"Hay my name is Shawn Braun. I bought your book How To Play Guitar Solos, and I love it! I'm learning very fast and people around me are impressed too. And it's because of you I just want to thank you I love how you break it down to where I can understand it. I found a lot of inner peace in playing the guitar." Shawn

Very Fun Teacher!!

"I have been learning from Dwayne to play guitar since I was in high school. I can't imagine learning from anyone else! Dwayne is patient and encouraging, giving you the time you need to learn and making it enjoyable. As a person, Dwayne is friendly, considerate, and interested in having fun playing great rock songs. He covers the very basics, but he doesn't make it boring where all you do is practice scales you are not really interested in. He teaches you to play. He understands your experience and knows how to select songs that are both fun and challenging. If you are interested in learning to play lead guitar (electric and acoustic) Dwayne will teach you at a pace that suits you and at an affordable price." Hannah

Phenomenal Instructor!

"Dwayne is a phenomenal guitar instructor. He is patient, dedicated, and very skilled. Above all, he is a genuinely kind-hearted human being. Dwayne has the experience and unique ability to assess your current skill level and instruct in an efficient and effective manner. His commitment and instruction are impeccable - he knows how to get you to that next level. I have even learned how to practice in a useful way to improve my techniques and playing abilities. But again, what really stands out about Dwayne is his compassion and empathy. He is not just a great guitar instructor, but a great human being. He once continued our lesson for an hour and a half to ensure I understood the part I was learning. After teaching for dozens of years... to have that kind of patience and dedication is a godsend. If you are having any thoughts about pursuing guitar- make Dwayne your guy. You won't regret it!" Ryan