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Teaching Awards

Below you will find awards that I have received over the years for excellence in teaching. These awards are given out to teachers who have proven active, have good standings in their field, and show year after year that they provide excellent service to the community and the customers that they serve.

Awards For Excellence

Expert Lessons 2023 made a list of the top 12 Best Guitar Lessons in Denver. And I made the list. View the article here

Best of Lessons 2022

I also got awarded Best Guitar Lessons in Denver for 2022. In the category of Music Instruction-Instrumental.

Best of Lessons 2018 awarded me Best Guitar Teacher for 2018. An accomplishment I feel very proud of. You can view it here

Expert In 2019

I also received this award in 2019 for excellence in teaching and providing consistent service to the community.

Best of Lessons 2017

I received this award from for being an excellent provider of guitar lessons to the community in 2017.

Future Award Placement

This place is reserved for an award that will be given in the future.