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Master Training Course

This course is designed for the absolute beginner. With no previous musical knowledge needed. A simple step-by-step system of learning designed to get the novice up and running quickly and easily. With short and to-the-point video lessons that are easy to digest. Providing practical application of concepts and techniques anyone with desire can master. You'll learn such things as:

  1. What guitar is best to start with
  2. How to tune and hold the guitar
  3. What chords are best to get started with
  4. How to strum and create rhythm
  5. How to read sheet music designed for guitar
  6. How to play single-note melodies
  7. Basic theory and common guitar scales
  8. And much, much more.

So if you've always wanted to learn to play the guitar, no better time to start than now, and no better place to start than here!

Meet Your Instructor

Hi! Welcome to Learn Guitar 101 Master Class. I'm instructor Dwayne Jenkins, and I'm excited to lead you through the journey of getting started playing guitar. I know if you follow my simple method of learning and do as instructed, you will reach the destination of actually playing music with your guitar, no matter if it's an acoustic or electric. So if you're as excited to learn as I am to teach, sign up today, and let's have fun learning to play guitar!

What Students Are Saying:

"Dwayne, thank you for being patient with everything you have taught me. It has built confidence in me. You are a wonderful teacher and friend" BJ

"Dwayne is an excellent teacher and friend who takes your playing to the next level. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to play guitar" Carson

"Dwayne, thank you for being an awesome guitar teacher and a great friend. You make learning fun and I look forward to it every week" Kyla

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A one-time payment that gets you started now! Along with lifetime access to the course for future reference.

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