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Learn Guitar Chord Theory

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Have you ever looked at a songbook and seen things like C/G, or Gsus2, or even A7add9, and then thought to yourself, what does that mean?  Well, believe me, you are not alone.  In this book, you are going to learn exactly what it means.

When you take time to develop an extended chord vocabulary and mix that with a full understanding of how they work with each other, you not only improve your guitar playing but your overall musicianship

Learn Guitar Chord Theory is a 148-page book that teaches you exactly that!  How to build a solid foundation of chords with a full understanding of how they are constructed.  It is not just a book of chord diagrams, but an explanation of how they are built, and why they are named as such.  So if you feel you are ready to start learning guitar chord theory, then hit the BUY NIOW button, and get started today!
You will get a PDF (2MB) file