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Here’s A Question I get asked often.  Isn’t it just as easy to learn from you tube?  Well in my expert opinion, yes & no.  If your looking for a quick remedy to a part of a song, or how to play a particular song, or possibly a answer to a question then yes. You tube is great for this!  But if your starting from ground zero, it does help to follow a method or system of learning.   A step by step process that builds upon itself.  This allows for expedited learning.  You tube videos do not offer this.

You Tube offers great content of all types.  A platform for the whole world to share.  We should be so lucky to live in this age.  It offers entertainment and a place for Learning.  But it in itself does not offer a system for learning guitar.  What it does offer is a platform for people like me (who have developed a system of learning) to get the word out to people who need it.  That is what is Great about You Tube.

The learning of any skill goes through stages of development and depending on the time frame of those stages, determines the result of the skill.  So for example, if you want to learn something (like guitar) you can go at it here & there when you have time learning things from the internet & yes you will eventually see some progress.  keep at it long enough & you’ll eventually get good.  But it will take a long time.  If you follow a proven method or system your results will develop faster & your understanding will be better.  This is because (like stated before) you develop skills that build upon themselves when put into practical application. This also allows for a much better understanding of the techniques needed to be learned to develop these skills.

As you can see, a system of learning is best for a well rounded understanding of the topic being learned.  In this case the guitar.  That is why private instruction either “Live” with an Instructor, or “Virtual” with an Instructor will provide the best results over time.  So if you wish to learn guitar or know someone who does, it is best to find a Instructor or a Instructional Video system to help you learn.  I’d recommend both if you can get it.  Learning from a Private Instructor is Great because you can learn “insider secrets” from a friend.  Learning virtually through video, blog posts etc is Great also because you can come back to them over and over again and review the lessons at your time around your schedule 24/7 365.

Conclusion:  We live in a wonderful world in this day & age and the possibilities before us are endless.  It is our job to reach out and grab them to make our lives better.  Find a system of learning for the topic you choose from a Instructor that’s fun to learn from & I guarantee, you will get better & have fun doing it.  Until next time, take care.  Dwayne.

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