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One of the most important things in learning a instrument is knowing practice habits and how to develop them.  This is especially true for playing guitar.  Playing guitar is one of the easiest to get started with, but one of the hardest to master.  The reason for this, is because of the wide variety of approach you can take to playing the instrument.  By developing god practice habits, you’ll be able to progress your learning and ultimately progress your fun.

Practice Time

It is always best to start out in very small increments of time.  This will allow your muscles to develop.  Muscles in the hands, wrists and fingers need to be developed and this can only be done through time.  With proper practice habits this can be accomplished which will allow you to progress more rapidly.

Start with 10 to 15 minutes, then proceed to 30 minutes, 45 minutes and so on and son.  This will accomplish two things.  Develop your muscles consistantly, and develop retainig the information you are learning on a day to day basis.

One of the most common mistakes that people make with learning guitar is that they practice for a hour or two for one day and then don’t practice for two or three days.  Don’t make this mistake!

Practice Space

Have a specific space to practice in.  This could be a extra bedroom, basement, or a garage.  It doesn’t really matter where it is as long as it’s a place that makes you want to pick up your guitar and learn how to play it.  A place where you can play what you have already learned.

Having a place to practice is helpful, because when you sit down to learn, your mind gets focused and you concentrate better.  With the proper environment, you will see that you progress much faster and more easily.

Practice Daily 

You’ll progress faster if you practice a little everyday and retain the information.  You’ll notice your progress, start having fun, and will feel motivated to keep going.  Practice what you’ve learned, and work on learning new things.

Another common mistake is for students to only practice what they are already good at.  This is fun and all but progress in learning is stopped.  Don’t make this mistake either!  It’s best to review what your good at, continue to work on things that your not so you can get better, and work on putting it all together in application.

Know Your Notes and Chords

Get to know how all the notes work to form chords and scales.  How songs are constructed.  Why putting together some things work, and putting together some things don’t. This is a bit more advanced if your just starting out, but be sure to retain your basic fundamentals at all times.  What string are you playing on?  What chord are you playing?  ?Major or minor  What type of chord is it? What notes are in the chord?

Practice Routine

Practicing guitar should be much like working out in exercise.  You want to plan out what your going to work on and work on each thing for a specific amount of time.  Example:  Basic chords (5 minutes) Finger exercises (5 minutes) Songs you already know (10-15 minutes) Knowing your notes (5-10 minutes) new songs your currently learning (10-15 minutes) and any scales you might know if your at that level.

Practicing just these few things that have been mentioned above will allow you to put in plenty of time to continue getting better on a daily basis.  If you have something specific that you want to accomplish (a specific song perhaps) then work on that for the duration of time.  The main point here is that you practice consistently.  Do this and you will see good results in your playing.

Practice Habits Conclusion

If you get focused, set goals and practice a little bit daily, you will see clearly and quickly why this is important and continue to do so.  Work on getting clear tone when forming chords. playing scales, and  developing your signature sound.  Follow these examples and progress forward.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will try to guide you in the right direction.  Until next time.  Develop good Practice habits and see your fun of playing progress.  Leave a comment below, and until next time, take care.



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