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Guitar logoIn this post we are going to talk about one of the most important scales, the chromatic scale.  Although this name sounds complicated it is quite simple.  It is a scale of notes that are right next to each other.


This scale is on every string It’s made up of the musical alphabet, and is very important to know when finding what chord you are playing.  When Teaching I make sure my students know what chord they are playing and what notes are in those chords.  This scale helps to provide that information.


 The strings of the guitar from #6(biggest string) to #1(smallest string) are E A D G B E.  whatever string you start on is the where you will start in the musical alphabet.  If you are starting on the E string, the notes wil be:  E F F# G G# etc.  If you start on the G string, the notes will be: G G# A A# B C etc.  This goes for all six strings.


As stated before, there are no sharps after B and E.  This is very important to remember as this will allow you to find information about chords, scales and what notes are in them more accurately.


By knowing your strings and what notes are on the string you can find what chord you are playing very quickly.  For example:  If I play a chord on the 6th string (which is E) at the 3rd fret (which is a G note) I’m playing a G chord.

If I’m playing a chord at the 7th fret of the A string it will be a E chord.  Because that is the note that is on the A string at the 7th fret.


Usually the lowest note in pitch of the chord will tell what name it is. This is very true when playing power chords.  But to find that out you must know your string names and what note is on the strings and at what fret.  This is why this scale is important to know.


So get your guitar, remember your string names and learn your chromatic scale on every string.  This will allow you to find what chords you are playing and be able to communicate that to others you might play with.  Until next time take care and Practice, Practice, Practice!


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