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Dwayne rocks acoustic 2 2013It has been proven time and time again that learning a musical instrument is great for your well being. It improves many aspects of your life. From helping you learn in areas of your life like Math and Science (you know the subjects most people dread to learn) as well as building confidence and self esteem within yourself.

Why Learn Guitar?

Well for starters, there is no better instrument on the planet.  Guitar is cool, portable, inexpensive compared to a lot of other instruments and is easy to get started learning. Whether you choose to learn electric or acoustic, there is a guitar for you.  And if you say to yourself Why should I take guitar lessons?  Keep reading and you’ll find out more why.

Should I get Started On Acoustic?

Unknown-3Getting started on acoustic has its benefits and drawbacks.  The benefit is that it is less expensive to get started.  You don’t nee an amplifier and it can be played anywhere.  Now days you can buy a starter pack that will give you everything you need to get going learning acoustic guitar.  From the guitar to a tuner, case to cary it in and usually a DVD to get you taking your first steps.

The drawback to starting out on an acoustic is that the strings are a lot thicker and harder to push down.  The guitar itself is a lot wider and can be a bit uncomfortable to play if it’s too big.  There is definitely more of a learning curve to master with the acoustic guitar and most people get frustrated and quit.  Although if that is the style of music you like and your favorite players play an acoustic, I’d recommend starting here.  You’ll just have to realize it’s not going to be easy and you will have to put in some string time (practice) to get through the basics.

Should I get Started On Electric?

Unknown-2Getting started on electric is a great way to go as well.  But like the acoustic, it has it’s ups and downs as well.  The benefit to starting out on the electric is that it is far easier to get started forming chords.  This is because the strings are lighter and closer to the fretboard.  This allows the learning curve to be a bit shorter and progress to be a bit faster.

The drawback to getting started on the electric is that there is more involved with the instrument.  You need an amplifier and usually a place that has electricity to plug in to be heard.  Not to mention the fact that it is a bit more expensive of a purchase to due to all this.  But like the acoustic, their are starter packs that can help you in this area that provide everything you need to get going.

There are also “mini” guitar set ups for children to get started learning that have really helped a lot of my younger students get started.  These are nice because they are like a regular guitar, just smaller so they can get their hands around the fretboard and feel confident in learning it.  I highly recommend these for kids starting out.

Should I hire A Guitar Teacher?

images-2Yes!!  As long as you can find one that fits your interests.  If you can find a guitar teacher that fits your interests and you can make a great connection with, you will be able to progress in multiples of time.  Not to mention you’ll receive insider secrets that you won’t find in books or trying to learn online.

The “must here is that you find the right teacher.  Ask yourself what kind of music do you like?  Do you want to play acoustic or electric?  Are they professional? Does the guitar teacher come to you or do you go to the teacher?  What is their scheduling like?  What are their policies for cancellation? Will they inspire you to practice?  Do they seem like someone you’d like to build a connection with?

All these questions should be thought about when looking to hire a guitar teacher.  The reason why is because there are so many different styles of music and all guitar teachers don’t teach all.  Some specialize in a certain area.  If you want to learn to play like Metallica but the teacher specializes in strumming acoustic, than that’s not the right teacher for you.

Although on the other hand, if the teacher teaches bot electric and acoustic and teaches a wide variety of topics and you feel they can teach you what you want to learn than they would be a great choice.  Like I said before, you want to find someone who fits your interest.

Lesson Conclusion

So think about what your looking for.  Go online and do some research in your local area and see if you can find the proper teacher for you.  Or you can look right here on the website and find me Dwayne Jenkins and if you live in Denver Colorado or surrounding areas you might of just found what your looking for.  But if not, Google your city and see what comes up.  Try a few out and see if you find one that fits your interest. If so, try them out for a few lessons and see what happens.  You might be amazed at your progress at having fun learning to play guitar.  Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  Until our next lesson.  Take care.  Dwayne.


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