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UnknownOne question I often get asked from beginning guitar students is, what is the best guitar to get started learning on, acoustic or electric?  Well, it depends on what kind of sound you like, what kind of music you like to listen to.

And as stated before in my other lesson about buying a guitar, it also depends on what feels most comfortable in your hands.  There are ups and downs to both and I will discuss those here.

The kind of guitar you usually come across in someone’s home is a acoustic or classical acoustic.  Sometimes electric if they have a kid, but mostly it’s a acoustic.  So I’ll start with this kind first.


Getting started with an acoustic is good.

The upside is that you don’t need a amp or cable to connect the two.  This makes it a more inexpensive investment to start out with.  Easily portable and all you need is a pick or you can play with your fingers.  Either way your good to go.  Easy and affordable.

The downside is that the acoustic is a bit harder to start out with because the body of the guitar is boxy (being your arm is out away from your body) and the strings are thicker and harder to push down.


An electric is good as well.

The upside is that the body is not boxy like an acoustic and the strings are smaller which make it easier to push down and get a clear sound.  You can purchase them in a “ready to get started” package (like in the picture) and with the addition of the amp the strings are electrified so you can touch them lightly and still get a clear sound.  Which makes the electric easier to start out with.

The downside to the electric is that the initial investment is more.  You need a amp and cable that goes from the amp to the guitar.  Plus in the beginning of learning the instrument, it’s sometimes hard to control the over all sound if you don’t know what your doing.  And there are a lot more things to be concerned about.

click here to watch my youtube video on this topic.

In my personal opinion as a guitar player and teacher.

I recommend the electric.  It is truly much easier to get started with.  Although like I said before, if you like the sound of the acoustic or are inspired by someone who plays it.  I recommend you buy a acoustic.

Just remember the end result is to be able to play and enjoy the kind of music that inspires you to want to learn.  Whether it be electric or acoustic.  That is why I teach both.  Not to mention your tastes might change over time as you progress with your learning over the years.

It doesn’t really matter wich one you start with.

Just what your personal preference and budget are.  The main thing is that you GET STARTED!!  Then you can continue to the point where you experience the joy and fun of playing guitar.  And I’d recommend taking some lessons from a fun teacher.  Find one in your area or learn here online.  Click the tab up above to learn acoustic lessons, or the tab for electric.  And if you want to get rockin on the electric sign up for my FREE video training course that’ll teach you a e-z to learn system of how to approach learning the electric. If you have questions feel free to e-mail me. Tell me in the comments below what kind of guitar you feel is right for you.  Thanks for reading this and until next time, take care. Sincerely, Dwayne


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