Why Learn The Bass Guitar?

Playing The Bass Guitar

The electric Bass guitar is credited to being invented in 1950 by Mr. Leo Fender.  A California guitar maker who wanted to make an amplified version of the double (string) bass.  This would allow for easier playability and transportation as well as more diversity playing in different styles of music.

Bass guitar is one of the most important instruments in the musical family.  Why?  Because it provides the foundation that all other instruments stand on.  Very much like the foundation of a house.  You could have beautiful furniture, nice floors, and windows, but without a proper foundation, the house will crumble and fall. That is why the bass is so important.  It provides this in all styles of music.

Here is why learning to play the Bass can be such a fun adventure.  It can help you to:

  • Provide a solid musical foundation

  • Enhance your knowledge of other instruments in a musical ensemble.

  • Get into music easily because it only has 4 strings

  • Learn skillsets that benefit you both physically and mentally

  • And, enjoy doing something that not everyone can do.  Which makes you special.

  • Learning to play the Bass guitar can help you in more ways than I can count.  And by learning through private instruction, you can be assured that you will develop quickly and easily with insights that only a qualified instructor can provide.

  • This will make learning less stressful, less frustrating, and more fun.  And that’s what learning an instrument is all about, having fun!

Now if you need a Bass guitar to get started, here is one I recommend:

Fender Squire Beginner Bass Package

Fender Bass Beginner Pack

And if you already have a Bass guitar, great!  Contact me today and experience the fun of building self-confidence, and academic achievement through learning to play the Bass guitar.