Why Learn The Acoustic Guitar?

Playing An Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the music family and has been around for hundreds of years.  Images of stringed instruments, in general, have appeared in carvings that are 3000 years old.  Wow!

There are many different variations of the guitar.  The Lute, Classical, Mandolin and the most common, the Steel-Stringed Acoustic.  This is the one most commonly found in homes throughout the world.  This is the one most associated with modern western music.  Most likely played by those you admire.

The acoustic guitar is a fun instrument to play because it is easily portable, not too expensive to get started on and since you can play hundreds of songs with just a few chords, it is very popular with the masses.  That being the case, it is highly recommended for strumming your favorite songs.  Especially if you like to sing.

Learning to play the acoustic guitar has many benefits for anyone at any age:

  • You stimulate the Brain cells to think different

  • You build eye-hand coordination & muscle memory

  • You build self-confidence

  • You develop discipline and determination

  • You can make new friends when you play with others

  • And you can use the guitar for relaxation and stress relief.

No matter what your reasons for learning, the acoustic guitar can help you to better yourself.  And if you need one to get started, here is a couple I recommend.

Ibanez Acoustic Guitar Pack

Ibanez Acoustic Guitar pack

Fender Acoustic Guitar Pack

Fender Acoustic Guitar Pack

And if you already have an acoustic guitar you’d like to learn on, great!  Contact me today and I’ll show you how you can have fun playing it with ease.  Not to mention the joy you’ll bring to others!