Why GuitarTricks.com is a Great Way To Learn Songs

Why GuitarTricks.com is a Great Way To Learn Songs

Learn why GuitarTricks.com is a great way to learn your favorite songs.  Learn why most people fail at learning guitar on their own and how you can do better in your own desire to learn to play guitar.


Learning guitar

When it comes to playing guitar, many people say they want to learn, but few ever actually do.  Why is that? We will look at this in this lesson, GuitarTricks.com.

The reason is obvious,

learning guitar on YouTube

Too many people are trying to learn from YouTube videos.  And although YouTube is a fantastic free resource (I use it myself) for learning to play guitar, it can still cause one to struggle anyway.

It seems like a good idea.  Especially with millions of free videos on how to play guitar, you’d think it would be easy right?  Well, in a sense yes, and a sense no.  But it can still cause frustration.



There are many factors.  Most youtube videos are not presented properly.  The camera angle is not good, the lesson is taught too fast, concepts not explained very well and so forth and so forth.

All this can cause confusion, frustration and the ability to throw your hands up and say “I can’t do it” which is the worst thing you want to happen.

The reason for all this is because most guitar lessons on YouTube are taught by guitar players and not guitar teachers.  There is a huge difference in knowing how to play, and knowing how to teach.

Learning guitar from a teacher

Too many options can cause confusion

Another reason why frustration sets in even with a good YouTube instructor, is that there are many different ways you can play a song on the guitar.  For this reason, you get too many options and this causes confusion.

And after many, many hours of practice and struggle you still don’t feel confident in what you are doing.  This is where most people give up.   Or worse yet, they develop bad techniques that can be hard to correct later on.


End frustration

Frustration sets in because there is no learning structure.  No step-by-step lesson plans that you can easily follow.  This causes important aspects of playing guitar to be skipped over and not noticed till later down the line when you’re trying to play a favorite song.

Maybe it is some kind of guitar chord, or a strumming technique not learned or a concept not explained for an easier understanding of what you’re doing and why it works.

guitar learning frustration

GuitarTricks.com  has a solution

The solution that guitar tricks.com has is teachers that actually know how to teach.  They are not just guitar players, but actual guitar teachers who provide you with the proper training to get you playing your favorite songs.

With step-by-step video lesson plans that teach you what you need to know. They are simply laid out in such a way that you know where to go next.


Multiple camera angles for easier learning

With multiple teachers and multiple camera angles, you won’t miss a thing because you’ll be able to clearly see everything that is going on. This is another problem with YouTube videos.

You have the option to slow down and loop (repeat) certain sections for an easier understanding of the lesson, with professionally noted guitar tabs provided to enhance your learning experience.


Many years of experience

With over 11,000 guitar lessons, Guitar Tricks teaches just about every popular song you can think of.  With over 20 years of experience in teaching online, they have taught over three million people how to become better guitar players.

YouTube is great because it’s free, but not so good if “free” takes you longer to learn and develops bad habits.  Learn the right way and have fun doing so.

happily playing guitar

The easiest way to learn online

Guitar Tricks is the easiest way to learn online.  Try them out with a free 14-day trial period and a bonus gift to say thank you.

Online learning isn’t for everyone, but if you feel it might be for you as an alternative to private offline guitar lessons, what have you got to lose with a free trial?


Find the right teacher

Private one-on-one is great if you can find the right teacher.  That is if!  I know, because I went through a few myself that weren’t too good.  You might run into this problem too.

Guitar Tricks has multiple teachers that teach both acoustic and electric, so you have a good chance of finding the right one you can connect with, which is very important.

Learning guitar online

Join today

You can start learning fast and produce quick progress if you’re serious about learning.  Stop messing around with random YouTube videos and join Guitar tricks today!

With a free 14-day trial, what have you got to lose?  Just click the link below to get started.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

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