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Finger exercises

When it comes to playing guitar, you want to make sure you do what athletes do, you warm up and get your fingers in shape.  This is very important for forming and holding guitar chords and playing guitar scales. By

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Picking hand

Rock guitar 101 Book Review lesson 5 Picking Hand Development This is another very important step in your learning development of playing rock guitar.  All the rhythm you create will be done with you picking hand.  That is why it

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Training knowledge

5 tips that will improve your guitar playing today. The number one thing you should always be doing is looking for & putting into action new ideas that will improve your guitar playing. No matter where you are at with

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For anyone starting on guitar, learning these 5 tips will help to make the journey more enjoyable, fun and easier to progress forward.  No matter if you play electric or acoustic. Tip #1.  Make sure you have the right tools. 

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Knowing how to improve your rhythm playing and establish timing is one of the most important things to know if you’re going to be a good guitar player.  Especially if you want to play with others, or possibly play with

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