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The number one thing you should always be doing is looking for & putting into action new ideas that will improve your guitar playing. So here today are 5 tips that will improve your guitar playing today! Tip #1.  Practice

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How do you get better on guitar? Just keep practicing right? Wrong! If you want to improve your guitar playing you have to do more than just practice you must know WHAT to practice and HOW to practice. There a

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Playing guitar is fun.  So take hold of these 5 tips to enjoy the process. Tip #1.  Make sure you have the right tools.  This is very important because without the right tools, the job will not got done as

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  Being able to play rhythm and establish timing is one of the most important things to know if your gong to be a good guitar player.  Especially if you want to play with others, or possibly play with your

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This is a example of what can be done when you learn scales, alternate picking, ear & eye training, through lots of practice & focus. This video is of me playing the middle solo to the Four Horseman by Metallica.

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