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Marshall amplification

When it comes to playing guitar, you want to make sure you know the best type of amplifier to use for playing rock guitar. Knowing which amplifier is best when playing electric guitar is vitally important because, without the right one,

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setting guitar goals

Learning how to set guitar goals is essential to your development of becoming a great guitar player. So do not overlook this crucial element to your guitar playing success. This helps your overall learning because it gives you the direction

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Bar chords can be some of the most difficult chord types to master. But bar chords can become a lot easier to form and play when you learn these three simple training tips. Training Tip #1 Learn The Bar. Learn

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Training knowledge

5 tips that will improve your guitar playing today. The number one thing you should always be doing is looking for & putting into action new ideas that will improve your guitar playing. No matter where you are at with

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One of the most important things to learn in the guitar is what to look for when buying an amplifier.  The amplifier is the backdrop of your sound.  You pluck the strings, they vibrate through the guitar it goes through the

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How do you get better on guitar? Just keep practicing right? Wrong! Practice mistakes are normal when learning an instrument.  But if you want to improve your guitar playing you have to do more than just practice you must know

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For anyone starting on guitar, learning these 5 tips will help to make the journey more enjoyable, fun and easier to progress forward.  No matter if you play electric or acoustic. Tip #1.  Make sure you have the right tools. 

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Knowing how to improve your rhythm playing and establish timing is one of the most important things to know if you’re going to be a good guitar player.  Especially if you want to play with others, or possibly play with

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This is a example of what can be done when you learn scales, alternate picking, ear & eye training, through lots of practice & focus. This video is of me playing the middle solo to the Four Horseman by Metallica.

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One thing I love about playing rock guitar is the ability to enhance your sound with the art and science of guitar effects pedals!  These things are great!  What are effects pedals you say??  Well, Let me tell you. Effects

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