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Learning how to find any major scale when playing guitar is a skill all guitarists should know. The reason this is so important to learn is that they are the foundational building blocks of music.  So learning a lesson in this area

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One of the hardest things to do at the beginning of learning guitar is how to form & switch between chords.  In today’s lesson we are going to talk & learn about how to switch between chords easier & more

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How to improve your picking technique is one of the essential things to know in guitar playing. No matter if your playing rhythm guitar or lead guitar. No matter if you’re playing acoustic guitar or electric guitar. So paying attention

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What is the best way to hold your guitar pick?  Is it better to play with the thumb & first finger, or the thumb & second finger?  Or is it best to use the fingers & pick together? There are

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In this post you will learn how to read chord charts in 7 easy steps.  And in doing so you will add to your understanding of how to read music that is created by this wonderful instrument. What are Guitar

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One of the hardest things to do when it comes to learning guitar is staying motivated to practice daily.  Practicing here and there is fine, but daily is the question. One of the reasons is that today we have so

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Learning guitar is not always easy & can sometimes be harder than we thought.  So here are 7 tips on how to make yourself play guitar everyday. 1.) Set a Goal for what it is you want to accomplish with

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One of the things that keeps beginners from progressing in a timely manner is that they don’t have a guitar workout.  With the proper workout, you can progress faster & get to your destination much quicker. But where do we

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When it comes to learning guitar, one of the most important things to work on is chords. Chords are essential to playing guitar and that’s why it’s best to start with open & closed power chords. These chords can really

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What are guitar tabs? Guitar tabs are the universal way that guitar players read sheet music.  It is a simplified version of standard notation (regular sheet music your normally used to looking at in music books) and resembles a framework that

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