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acoustic guitar with capo

Today’s lesson is about how a Planet Waves Capo can expand your guitar playing abilities. By adding a capo to your guitar toolbox, it will allow you to expand your possibilities on what you can do with your guitar. We

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Fender Jaguar guitar

The Fender Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Guitar story starts awhile earlier when a man named Leo Fender came on to the music scene.  Who had a dream to do with guitars what Henry Ford did with cars.  To mass

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When it comes to buying a guitar, you want to make sure to learn what to look for.  That way you can make a more informed decision, and the buying experience a lot more pleasant.  Finding the right guitar for

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Be sure to always use good quality strings on your guitar. This will assure you get the best sound possible and the most comfortable playing ability. I recommend Ernie Ball Super Slinky.  Ernie Ball has been making quality guitar strings

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