How To Switch Between Chords Quickly & Easily

How To Switch Between Chords Quickly & Easily

How to switch between chords quickly and easily is one of the hardest things to do at the beginning of learning guitar.  In today’s lesson, we are going to talk & learn about how to switch between chords easier & more efficiently.

I remember being there myself as a beginner.  I felt like I was never going to get it.  I had to practice a lot & unfortunately didn’t have the power of the internet back then.  What a difference that would have made LOL!!

Anyway, after many hours of practice, I finally got it.  But it wasn’t easy.  I felt like” am I going to have to practice three to five hours a day to get this”? Is this going to take forever??  Is this above my abilities?


If you’ve ever felt like this, then read on…

When you eventually get your chords down to where you can form them well (without cramps in your hands) and you can switch them fairly easily, that’s when the fun begins & it becomes a joy to play some of your favorite songs.

And it becomes a thrill to nail the transitions & take on the challenge of getting through them very much like a runner jumps over hurdles.  As you begin to accomplish this, you feel good about yourself and a smile creeps on your face because you know you are moving forward with your guitar playing. And in doing so, keeps you coming back for more.


Essential Keys For Getting Better

I’d like to share with you what I would say is one of the essential KEYS to switching chords quickly & easily.  It’s very simple & should not be overlooked.  You just need to pick a couple of chords, to begin with, and focus all your attention on switching between them.

For now, at this time in your guitar learning journey you want to forget about all other chords, strumming or anything else & just focus on this one thing.  Focus is one of the most important skills to master in accomplishing anything in life.  Especially guitar and the more focused you are on small tasks such as this, the quicker the results you’ll see.

Just take two of the easiest chords you can form.  Like E & Am or G & C (very popular in many songs) and focus mentally like a laser beam on switching between them.  Back and forth, back & forth.  Every time you do this it gets easier & easier because you build a link between your brain & your fingers.


Where is each finger landing on the fretboard?

Be sure to look where each finger is landing on the fretboard.  Which strings should they be on?  What frets should they be on?  By focusing on these fundamental aspects of changing chords, you’ll see very quickly that after a while you’ll build “muscle memory” and your fingers will know where to go automatically.

Then after this is accomplished, move on to two more chords & so forth & so forth.  Continuously building your chord vocabulary.  You’ll see that you are making massive progress at an unbelievably short period of time.


Learning curve

Once you get over the learning curve (which there is one in anything and I do mean ANYTHING new you learn) you’ll be able to start playing songs that you love hearing & you’ll be hooked on guitar just like all the other millions out there.

Learning curve

Take it slow, don’t get impatient & practice focusing on one little task at a time.  You will see quick results and you will know how to switch between chords quickly & more easily.  And in the process, you will be building valuable skill sets.  Focus, concentration, muscle memory & well-established motor skills.


Additional Training

When it comes to learning to play the guitar there are many areas to cover.  Switching between chords is just one aspect.  You also want to understand such things as chord progressions, timing, creating rhythm and so forth.

That is why I wrote and published my guitar method book for those who are just getting started,  Learn Guitar: Simple Method For Beginners.  This book will show you everything you need to know to get from point A to point B in an easy and simple manner.Learn Guitar Simple Method For Beginners

Learn Guitar Simple Method For Beginners is a fun and easy study on how to get started playing guitar.  This book consists of techniques and training methods that have been developed through years of learning, playing and teaching guitar.

Learn Guitar is a simple starter book designed for the total beginner. With everything you need to learn how to have fun playing the guitar.  Even if you have no prior understanding of music.  With full-color pictures and modern music diagrams for easier learning, The beginning guitar player will be able to play guitar in no time.

You will learn things such as:

*The right equipment to start out with

*How to read easy sheet music

*Common Chord types

* Creating rhythm

*Timing development

And much, much, more.  In a simple step-by-step method that offers not only a  comprehensive introduction to essential guitar playing fundamentals but also a quick effective uncomplicated and practical self-instructional guide book that will get anybody no matter age or skill level up and running quickly.



So if you are looking to learn more about guitar chords and not only how to switch them quickly and easily, I recommend you check out the book.  Available on Amazon in both print and Kindle.  It is also available through my eBay store where if purchased here, you will receive a “signed to you personally” Author copy.

Best of luck to you & if you have any questions feel free to let me know.

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Keep practicing and until our next lesson, take care.

Dwayne Jenkins

Dwayne Jenkins