Virtual Lessons


In addition to offering in-home lessons, and in-studio lessons, I also offer Virtual Lessons.  These types of lessons are great because, with the power of the internet, you can take professional private guitar lessons no matter where you are located throughout the world!

Power of the Internet

Power of the internet

With the power of the internet, you can take a guitar lesson virtually anywhere.  If you’re on vacation and need a refresher lesson, just pull out your phone, contact your teacher, and schedule a lesson.  Or if you’d like to take weekly lessons but live in an area where there aren’t any guitar teachers willing to come to you, or you don’t have time to go to them, you can take lessons remotely.

Options for learning online

Online lesson formats

I offer virtual lessons in a multitude of options.  We can FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or Google Meets.  Any of these options work great for an online guitar lesson.  And payment can be done easily as well through PayPal or Venmo.  Whichever you prefer.

This allows you to have convenience in scheduling, being able to do the lesson when it’s best for you.  If you’re busy at home, you don’t have to lose time due to travel.  With online lessons, you also have the ability to record the lesson for future viewing.  All this and more can be a huge benefit to learning how to play the guitar.

Lesson plans

Lesson plans are transferred easily through phone or email.  So that you always have something tangible to work on during the week.  With the power of the internet, you now have options available to learn that were never there before.  This makes learning guitar faster, easier, and a more fun experience.

Immediate practice time

One of the true benefits of doing a guitar lesson online is that you can warm up right before the lesson, and once the lesson is over, you can practice what you’ve just learned immediately because you don’t need to travel anywhere.  As with a studio lesson, you have to travel back home, do other things when you get there, and then try to remember what you’ve learned when you have time to get back to the guitar.  Virtual lessons eliminate this.

Online Popularity

Learning online has become very popular throughout the years and as technology evolves and expands, it will just get even more popular.  Although virtual lessons might not for everyone, it might be a great option for you and your situation.

So if this is something you might like to try, contact me today and we’ll schedule a lesson.  You might find it to be a fun experience and find yourself playing the guitar in no time. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Dwayne Jenkins

Dwayne Jenkins Guitar Teacher

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