Morley Maverick Mini Wah Review

Morley Maverick Mini Wah Review

In this lesson, we are going to look at the Morley maverick mini wah review.  A  piece of guitar gear that has inspired thousands of guitar players the world over.  Has been used in hundreds of great songs and should be seriously thought of as an addition to your guitar tone.

Morley Maverick Switchless Wah

This is a great item to add a spark of inspiration to your guitar playing.  The Morley Mini Wah pedal is probably second to the distortion pedal for enhancing the creativity of the guitar player.  Made popular in the ’60s by Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton when he was in Cream.

Jimi Hendrix

Eric Clapton playing guitar

The wah pedal can be heard on classic songs such as Voodoo Child by The Jimi Hendrix Experience & White Room by Cream.  This cool little gizmo was first introduced by Vox and was actually an organ pedal.  But over the years it has morphed by many different companies into a very cool way for guitar players to express themselves.

The Maverick Morley switchless wah is one of these examples.  This wah is great because it needs no on/off switch.  This is something that most older models have.  Sometimes this could become an issue as you weren’t always sure if it was on or off.

Morley solved this problem by creating a Wah that activates the minute you step on it and deactivates the minute you take your foot off.  Absolutely no need to worry or wonder anymore. This is good because the guitar player can now concentrate on his guitar playing.


Activated By the Foot.

Like most pedals that guitar players use to enhance their sound, the Morley wah is set on the ground connected to the guitar and amp with guitar cables and activated by stepping on it. As you step on the effect pedal you gently rock it forward to produce a nice sweeping effect that adds treble to the overall tone.

You can also rock it back to add a bit of bass to the tone as well.  All while producing a kind of wah sound.  Back and forth, back and forth.  How far you do so determines how much of the effect you produce.  This effect is like no other.  It is a classic sound enhancer and can be found on most pedalboards.

Wah Made Popular By Jimi Hendrix.

When you listen to the music of Jimi Hendrix you notice right away that his inspiration is tops along with his understanding and control of his guitar.  His playing and performance superb and his creativity in his music unlimited.  This is what made Jimi Hendrix the best!

He was always pushing the boundaries of what the guitar was capable of.  In fact, he was always doing things that nobody had even thought of yet.  Playing behind hid back, with his teeth, between his legs, and always knocking out great blues.

His most famous effect pedal beside his fuzz pedal (which made him sound like he was out of this world) was his wah pedal.  He used this wah pedal to great extent and made it an integral part of his sound.  So much that millions of other people over the years have decided to do the same.

Mini Wah Takes Up Less Space.

One thing that is great about the Morley Mini Wah is its size.  Most wah pedals are a bit big and tend to take up quite a bit of room on your pedalboard.  While the Morley min wah does not.  This pedal goes along with the mini pedal trend that most pedal manufacturing companies have come to create.  A whole line of mini pedals.

These take up less room and can be stored easily and ready for application in a cinch.  Sometimes when you perform on stage, at least in the beginning before you become a rockstar and tour around the world playing arenas and stadiums, you’ll be playing on small stages and you won’t have a lot of room so these mini pedals really help out.

Well Made Metal Construction.

Along with its mini size, the Morley mini wah is also constructed of quality metal and built like a tank.  You could probably throw it across the room and it wouldn’t even hurt it.  Although I don’t recommend you do that. It also offers a LED light for those dark stages.

One of the things that you want to make sure of when adding components to your guitar sound is that they are well made. And if you plan on playing in a band and possibly going on the road, you’ve got to have products that are roadworthy and stand up to being played every night.  This Morly Mini Wah will do this with no problem.

Hybrid of Vintage/Modern Sound

The Morley Mini Wah was designed to give a nice warm hybrid sound of both vintage and modern tones.  This way it can deliver a wide variety of applications.  From the vintage tone of the ’60s to the tones of more modern players, the Morly Wah can deliver the goods.

Wah Pedal Conclusion.

In my opinion, the Morley Mini Wah is a great product that will enhance the creativity of any guitar player.  No matter if you play for a hobby at home just having fun by yourself, or if you’re playing in a band in the garage or possibly professionally touring around the world.

The Morley wah can spark your inspiration to become a better guitar player.  It can help you to come up with ideas for your songwriting or even ways to duplicate your favorite players who use a wah pedal in their songs.  Although I only mention Jimi & Eric, There are a ton more players who use a wah and I’d recommend you do some research on them.

Thanks for reading and be sure not to forget to set your guitar goals for steady progress and keep up with your practice routine.  And if you need any help, be sure to reach out to me here or on social media.  Also, be sure to visit my youtube channel for more great videos and check out my books on Amazon to help you with your learning.

Best of luck,

Dwayne Jenkins