Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar the Easy Way

Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar the Easy Way

Learn to play acoustic guitar the easy way.  In a step-by-step method that makes it fun to learn and easy to play the instrument. The acoustic guitar is the most famous instrument in the whole instrument family.

This is because of its portability and ease of learning to play.  Not os easy to master, but easy to get started on.  It can be played just about anywhere.  In fact, you or someone you know probably has one lying around just aching to be played.

acoustic guitar wanting to be played

This fine stringed instrument has found its way throughout the world and is available to learn in just about every city and country.  Its origins go back thousands of years and it has found its way into our modern culture with style.


A very popular instrument

Another reason for the popularity of the instrument and why so many people want to learn to play the acoustic guitar is because of its variety.  It comes in all different sizes and colors.  In both nylon and steel strung.  In bigger versions as well as in smaller versions.

It also has its popular cousins, the ukulele and the mandolin that are also a favorite among people throughout the world. Learning to play the acoustic guitar is a fun and exciting journey if you can learn with the right training method.


How the acoustic guitar works

The acoustic guitar’s body is designed to be a soundbox.  This box is attached with a guitar neck that holds the guitar strings.  These strings are then stretched over the soundbox within a certain distance and when struck with a guitar pick or fingers they vibrate.

Acoustic guitar sound hole

This vibration is then picked up by the soundbox soundhole and projected back out.  And this is what you hear when you play the acoustic guitar.  Ukulele’s and mandolins work with the same concept.


How the acoustic guitar can be played

You can either pluck the guitar strings individually with your fingers (as in classical and flamenco styles) which has been a very popular method for years, or you can use a guitar pick.  Fingers give a nice soft tone, as where the use of a guitar pick gives more of a harder tone.

The guitar is usually played by either picking notes individually for melody lines or by playing them together such as in strumming chords for playing rhythm guitar.  Chords can be strummed or the notes within the chord can be played individually to create a melody.


An easy guitar method

When it comes to learning anything, especially an instrument, you want to find a simple easy method of learning.  If you can find this you will learn quicker with less frustration and confusion. And have more fun in the process.

Since there are many aspects of playing the guitar and it can be approached from many different angles, it can be a bit confusing to learn.  That is why a great training method is necessary.  A training method like Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar.  A comprehensive course for beginners.

Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar

In this course, you will learn all aspects needed to play the acoustic guitar proficiently.  You’ll learn such things as:

*How to hold the guitar

*Tune the guitar

*What chords are best to get started with

*Creating chord progressions with those chords

*Building and chord extensions

*Developing timing

*Building rhythms

*As well as basic music theory and sight-reading

All this and more can be learned in the method book Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar.


End frustration and confusion

One thing that is very popular about learn to play the acoustic guitar is the frustration and confusion that occurs when learning the fundamentals.  Hand positioning, forming chords. understanding the notes and how to get them to sound like music.

guitar learning frustration

With a great training method, you can end this “scratching your head” with confusion.  The reason for this is because with the proper method book you’ll learn step-by-step and progress at the rate that is best for you.  If your schedule is busy, you can take your time and still not miss a step.


Master the fundamentals

In all my years of playing with other musicians and teaching guitar students, one thing I commonly see over and over again is people skipping the fundamentals.  Do not do this!  It will only hinder your progress later down the line.  It’ll creep up on you before you know it and you’ll get stuck.

With a good solid learning method that teaches step-by-step, you’ll be able to jump over this hurdle when it rears it’s ugly head later down the line.  Possibly when you’re trying t learn your favorite song.  Take the time to master the fundamentals and you will be ahead of the crowd.


Improve your strumming

One thing that I see a lot of guitar players having trouble with is strumming.  The reason for this is because they don’t spend enough time working at learning about timing sequences.  Quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets, etc.

strumming the guitar

A good training program will teach this in such a way that you will be able to improve your strumming.  It’s all about timing.  Where the strum falls on the beat.  In rock music, there are usually four beats per measure and what you can do with these four beats is endless.  You can learn this very easily in the method book Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar.


Learn all about chords

Guitar chords come in all different sizes and shapes.  I was talking to a friend and he was telling me that he has a book titled “12,000 plus guitar chords”.  Can you believe that?  12,000 plus?  That’s crazy!!  Well, you don’t need to learn that many, but it would be a good idea to have a grasp of the most common.

Not only that but a functioning understanding of how to form the basic ones and how to build upon them.  You do this by adding note embellishments.  Like for instance, A major triad is comprised of the 1, 3, and 5 of the major scale it comes out of.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

And by learning to add notes to it, you can create different shades of color to the chord.  This can be very helpful when creating emotion with your music.  Each chord has a different purpose and learning about chord embellishments will help you to know when is best to use a certain chord.  Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar can easily show you how to do this.


Build a solid foundation

The thing you want to focus on with any type of learning method is building a solid foundation.  This is very important as it allows you something to build upon in the future.  This is important because once you start learning the guitar, you’ll soon realize how much more there is that you can learn.

Build a solid foundation

The funny thing about the guitar is that there is always more than you can learn.  With six strings and 12 frets, you’d think there’d be an end somewhere, but there isn’t.  What you can learn is endless.  And being that’s the case, you want to focus on building a solid foundation to build upon for this specific purpose.


Lesson conclusion

When it comes to learning to play the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar or anything else for that matter, you want to follow some sort of system.  This will provide you with a step-by-step blueprint for you to follow.  This will make learning easier and more fun.

Having fun playing acoustic guitar

Most self-taught students of guitar miss fundamental steps in the learning process and it comes up to bite them in the rear later on down the line.  This happens because they learn a little bit here and a little bit there and after a while, fell that they are not progressing.

If you follow a system or guitar method like Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar, this will not happen to you.  You’ll learn what you need to know in the proper order and get to your destination much faster.  Give it a try and see what I’m talking about.

Best of luck with your learning and keep practicing.

Dwayne Jenkins

Dwayne jenkins playing acoustic guitar