What To Learn Before Playing In A Band

What To Learn Before Playing In A Band

In this blog post guitar lesson, we are going to learn what is most important to learn before playing in a band.  Or with anyone for that matter.

Even if you’d like to play with a friend, you must be sure to learn this one fundamental principle.

One of the main guitar fundamentals that you must learn before trying to play with a band is timing!! You must learn to develop proper timing!


You Must Learn Proper Timing

I can’t begin to tell you how many guitar players I’ve come across over the years who know their chords, scales, how to strum, arpeggiate, etc, but don’t have good timing.

This is a fundamental skill that all musicians need to work on. Especially if they are going to play with others. Even if you’re going to take your guitar over to a friend’s house to jam for fun.

You can know the chords, but if you can’t switch them in the proper timing sequence, you’ll be off and you’ll throw the other person off.


Learn To Play Songs

If you want to play with others, (a band or just a single person) it is best to work on learning songs. And the best way to develop your timing in this area is to play with the recording of the song.

When you practice with the song you accomplish a few things:


  • You develop timing because it forces you to keep up with the tempo of the song instead of playing at your own pace.


  • You learn where you need to be in a group ensemble.  Each instrument has its place in the “machine” so to speak.


  • You learn to listen to other instruments.  This is where people lack, playing songs by themselves without the recording.


  • You develop discipline as it takes work to get through a whole song.  Even if it’s a short one like three minutes.


  • You get a sense of accomplishment if you can make it all the way through without stopping or crashing.  Very much like going through a maze and getting to the other side.


  • You build self-confidence and have fun learning.  The most important aspect of playing the guitar is to have fun.


These are things that can be learned by playing along with the recording. And what’s great about it, is you can learn them all at the same time. Killing many birds with one stone. So to speak.


Get Along With Others

This is a very important aspect of playing in a band.  You must be able to work with and get along with others.  If not, it just won’t work.

You can be the best at what you do, but if you can’t communicate or get along with your fellow musicians, then you might as well stay at home and play by yourself.

But if you truly desire to play in a band with other musicians, you will need to learn to get along,


Be Professional

This is another vitally important thing.  You must be professional.  No one wants to play with a person who is an amateur Unless everyone is.

In that case, everyone can learn to become professional together.  But if they already are, then you’ll need to follow suit.

Make sure to be on time, have your equipment together, and do your homework.  Don’t be wasting people’s time.  Carry yourself as a professional, and you will soon be seen as one.


Get Assistance If Needed

Make sure you work on these fundamental principles that are most crucial. And of course, the most important principle is TIMING!!

This will carry you through the most. And if you need any help with your chords, scales, strumming, etc, be sure to contact me for guitar lessons of all types that can help you in these areas.

Remember, learning to play the guitar is not always easy, but with daily practice and a clear vision of what you hope to accomplish with it, you can make it happen.

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll eventually get there.

And if you need help, don’t be afraid to reach out.  That’s what I’m here for.

Through these blog posts, my books, my email, and my Youtube channel, I can help you out tremendously.

Be sure to use it if need be.  Best of luck, and take care.

Sincerely, Dwayne