How To Use Hybrid picking In Your Guitar Playing

How To Use Hybrid picking In Your Guitar Playing

In this lesson, you are going to learn how to use hybrid picking in your guitar playing.  This will add dimension and color variation to your over-all creativity.  Not to mention that you will enhance your fretboard knowledge and picking technique.

What is hybrid picking?

Hybrid picking is when you use both the guitar pick and your fingers to play the guitar strings.  You hold the pick with two fingers (usually the thumb and index finger) and you use the other three fingers to pick the strings individually.

This is a technique that is very common with country guitar playing, banjo playing, bluegrass, and classical fingerstyle.  But it has also been used in playing rock rhythms and guitar solos by some of the best players out there.  So it is not a bad thing to look into learning.

Hybrid picking


Hybrid picking example, written in tab

Hybrid picking written in tab

The above example is a common way that you might read this technique.  You pick the lowest open note (the 5th string A) with the pick and you then pick the other open strings (G B & E) with your fingers.  Remember, that looking at sheet music (standard notation or tab) the lowest note will always be on the bottom.

Try this out on your guitar.  See if you can get your picking hand working to execute this technique.  If so, you’ll hear a very distinct sound and something quite different from just strumming with a pick.  This will allow you to approach the guitar in a little different way.

Harmony notes in sixths

You can create some nice hybrid picking ideas when you learn about harmony notes.  This is where you use two “specific” notes in your playing.  I suggest sixths because of how they line up along the fretboard, but you can use any two notes really.

Sixths would be using the 1 and 6th notes of the major or minor scale in whatever key you choose to pay in.  You can also use thirds, fourths, and octaves.  You just need to know where these notes are located on the fretboard.  Start out with the root note (the 1) and then find the other note to add to it.

Watch the video lesson below

More in-depth training

I strongly believe that hybrid picking and this type of concept can enhance your guitar playing.  And to make it easier to learn, I’ve written a book and published it on Amazon (available in other online places as well) to help you out.  The guitar book I’m talking about is called Lead Guitar Wizardry.

Lead Guitar Wizardry volume 1

Lead Guitar Wizardry is a simple step-by-step method book designed to teach you the fundamental principles in a fun and easy way.  With lesson plans that build upon themselves.  This makes learning the concepts, principles, and techniques presented easy and provide quick results.

No more frustration

Learning and understanding musical concepts can be hard sometimes because music is a language and sometimes the way it’s taught can be hard to understand.  But with my method book, you won’t have that.  You will be able to learn easily and if you happen to get stuck, I am here to help.  This means, no more frustration trying to figure it out by yourself.

When I started learning from books, many times I wish I could have contacted the teacher to explain something better.  But I couldn’t because the internet did not exist back then.  But nowadays it does.  And in doing so, You have access to authors who publish books and training articles to help you out further.

Author-signed copy

If you happen to get my book Lead Guitar Wizardry you can usually purchase at a discount and available in both print and Kindle.  But it is also available through my eBay store Dwayne’s Guitar World where if purchased here, you will get an “author-signed” copy from me and I personally myself will send it to you.

This is how strongly I feel about this method book.  I know it can help you to improve your guitar playing.  Especially if you’re looking to get started playing guitar solos or have already started and looking to get a better understanding of what you are doing o your guitar.

Most guitarists don’t know

I don't know

Many guitar players can play guitar very well because they’ve spent many upon many hours listening and learning by ear.  But if you ask them what chord they are playing or what note or scale they’re playing they would have a hard time telling you.  Because most guitarists don’t know.  They never took the time to learn.

Although, you can be different.  You can be one of the few who actually do know what you are doing.  that does know what notes and scales you are playing?  One of the few you can actually explain the concept you are executing and have a full understanding of why it works the way it does.  Such as hybrid picking.

Develop a full understanding

By following a method, you will be able to not only learn faster and get quick results but develop a full understanding of what you are doing.  It is this understanding that is going to make you stand high above the crowd.  Especially the guitar player that doesn’t have that grasp.

You will build self-confidence in yourself and your playing through study and practical application.  You will see the light bulb go on above your head as you learn these sacred concepts that most never take the time to.  In doing so, your quest for music knowledge will grow because of the guitar lessons that you took.  Even if they are out of a book.

Lead Guitar Wizardry will teach you:

*Scale patterns for creating solos

*The 12 bar blues to solo over

*Major & minor-key progressions

*Hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, bends, etc

*Where to solo in a particular key

*How to make your scales sound like music

*Why it is important to read sheet music

*What the most common attribute to soloing is

*Hybrid picking, harmony notes & finger tapping

Along with much, much, more.  If you dive into this method book you will unlock mysteries of the fretboard that you never knew existed.  All in a very simple manner.  And once again, if you run into any questions about it, I’m just an email away.

Lesson conclusion

So, in conclusion, try out the technique of hybrid picking.  Learn about harmony notes.  Learn your notes on your fretboard and find the notes necessary to put this cool concept into action.  I guarantee that your guitar playing skills and knowledge will grow and your self-confidence will soon follow.

But like anything else, you’ll need to study and practice on a daily basis.  This is the best way to see positive progress in your guitar playing.  Grab the book I mentioned above and see how following a proven method can help.

And if you haven’t already, grab my FREE action-guide “Guitar Solos Secrets”  that will show you insider secrets to help you get a head-start in the right direction.  Remember, if you need additional help with anything I teach, be sure to contact me and I will help you out.

Until our next lesson, take care.

Sincerely, Dwayne

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