How To Stay Motivated To Practice Guitar Everyday

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How To Stay Motivated To Practice Guitar Everyday

One of the hardest things to do when it comes to learning guitar is, how to stay motivated to practice guitar every day.  Practicing here and it is fine, but daily is the objective.

One of the reasons is that today we have so many things to grab our attention.  Google, Youtube, cable television, friends, family, etc.  So we really need to focus & use all we can to stay motivated to practice daily on a consistent basis.

Here are 10 Tips For Staying Motivated To Practice Daily.

1.)  Get a new piece of gear.  This can spark some inspiration into your playing.

2.)  Listen to new songs you like & try to learn them.  Make them a bit harder than the last few songs you learned.

3.)  Play with others.  This can help create new ideas & ways of approaching the instrument.

4.)  Work on flexibility in your practice routine.  This can help you get out of a rut if you are too scheduled.

5.)  Learn a new style of guitar playing.  If you are into rock, learn some jazz or country.

6.)  Create a positive practice environment.  A place that welcomes you home.

7.)  Create a purpose.  Why is it your doing what you are doing with the guitar?

8.)  Find like-minded people. To bounce ideas off of and network.

9.)  Divide up your practice time. To get more done with more focus.

10.)  Hold yourself accountable.  You’ve got to be a self-starter to get it done.  Only you can make your dreams come true.  So get after it & never look back.

If you practice even half of these things on your journey to getting better at playing guitar, you’ll come out way ahead of most.

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