How To Keep Your Guitar Strings Clean And Sounding Great With GHS Fast Fret

How To Keep Your Guitar Strings Clean And Sounding Great With GHS Fast Fret

When playing guitar it is very important that you maintain your instrument. Learn how to keep your guitar strings clean with GHS Fast Fret string cleaner.  This product is great for many uses.  In the lesson below we are going to look at some of these benefits and why it’s a good idea to have it in your guitar toolbox.

Keep your strings maintained.

This a great product that should be in every guitar player’s toolbox. As it will provide a couple of things that will help your strings stay clean and make your guitar tone last longer. Which a lot of it comes from the pickups that pick up the vibration of the guitar strings.

So the shape that the guitar strings are in is a very important part of your tone. If your strings are corroded with finger sweat and have been on the guitar for a long time and are flat (from being stretched on the fretboard) it will affect your overall tone.  And not inspire you to want to play.

GHS Fast Fret

GHS Fast Fret is a quality product that helps prevent this problem. When using fast fret you put a coating on the strings that allows them to sound brighter and allow you to play faster. This also allows for less hand fatigue as you won’t need to have to work so hard to get a good tone out of your strings.

Easy application.

Fast Fret is a great product in the fact that it is not a typical spray can. Most string cleaners you need to spray on (which is fine) but Fast Fret is a little bit different. It comes with an applicator that allows you to just wipe it onto the strings (see the video of this example above) and take the cloth that it comes with and just wipe it off.

Easily portable.

With the canister that it comes in you can just toss it into your guitar bag and have it ready to be used whenever you need it. Since it is not a spray can, it won’t spill or break. Which can be very handy if you move around a lot like when you play gigs playing in a band.

Specially formulated.

Since it is a different type of product than most on the market, it will work on all stringed instruments because it is specifically formulated to give you the lubrication you need to help you play faster and sound better.  Since it is specially formulated it will help you in many ways.

    • Cleans strings
    • Lets you play faster
    • Brightens your sound
    • Prolongs fingerboard life
    • Long-lasting
  • Won’t damage your finish
  • Won’t soil or stain
  • Cleaning cloth included

Lesson conclusion.

With all this that this product does, I highly recommend you look into acquiring it for your guitar.  No matter if you play acoustic or electric.  GHS Fast Fret is a great product that will keep your playing and sound at peak performance for many years to come.

And if you are serious about your playing (which I’m sure you are or else you wouldn’t be here) you want to make sure you have in your possession all the right products to help you sound your best.  Of course, the best product for that is your hours of practice you put in.   But you already have that down right?

That’s what I figured.  Now if you don’t I’d get that going as quickly as possible.  Because there is no maintenance product or any other learning product on the market that will make up for string time put in.

And as always if you need additional help with your playing, feel free to contact me here or on social media and be sure to check out my books on Amazon. These will help in all areas of learning guitar.  From getting started on the path to guitar greatness to improving your rhythm creation and understanding the mysteries of lead guitar playing.

Best of luck in your studies and until the next lesson, take care.

Sincerely, Dwayne