How To Form And Play Barre Chords The Easy Way

How To Form And Play Barre Chords The Easy Way

Training tips for playing barre chords

Barre chords can be some of the most difficult chord types to master. But barre chords can become a lot easier to form and play when you learn these three simple training tips.

Training Tip #1 Learn The Barre.

Learn to form the bar.  This is done with the index finger of your fretboard hand.  You need to get used to holding down all six strings with your index finger when playing a bar chord.  This is not easy at first.  That is why it is necessary to do this technique first.  Learn to form and hold the bar.  This can take some time because your muscles need to be developed in order for you to do this.

Most people give up at this stage.  But not you right?  You are going to master the bar chord because you see all the benefits and uses it has when playing guitar.  With a bar chord, you can switch between chords fairly easy by just moving the shape up and down the fretboard.  This will benefit you in many ways later down the stretch in your playing.  But first, you must learn to form and hold the bar.

Training Tip #2. Learn The Power Chord.

Learn the power chord.  This chord will allow you to stretch your fingers out where they need to be to properly form the bar chord.  By first learning how to form and play the two string power chord, you go through a prerequisite for the infamous bar chord.  Learning the power chord first can really help because it trains the fingers to be in the proper place. You need to take some time to learn to stretch out your fingers.

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This is highly important as this chord type requires the use of all fingers.  So if you first concentrate on just your index and ring finger first, you can then add your second and fourth fingers to form the whole bar chord.

Training Tip #3 Learn To Move The Chord.

Move the chord up and down the fretboard.  Forming the bar chord is just the first step.  Once that is accomplished, it is now time to learn to move it up and down the fretboard.  Like I said before, this is a very beneficial chord to learn when playing guitar because it has so many uses and applications that can really expand your playing.

When you learn how to form the bar chord, you can then choose to make it major, minor diminished, augmented, seventh, etc, etc, etc.  The uses for a well-formed bar chord are endless.  That is why they are very popular in playing guitar.  And must be mastered if you are to become a great guitar player. Moving the bar chord up and down the fretboard allows for easy chord changes without changing the chord shape.  This is why it is so beneficial to master.

Bar chord Conclusion.

Take some time to learn your bar chord.  It is well worth the effort.  It will take some time in the beginning, but if you take it one step at a time and do these three training tips I have presented to you here in this lesson, you will find that you will be able to form and play the bar chord a lot easier.  You will soon discover all the wonderful things you can do with the bar chord and how it can expand your playing and spark your creativity.

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