How To Enhance Your Guitar Tone With The SUPRO Boost Pedal

How To Enhance Your Guitar Tone With The SUPRO Boost Pedal

Enhance your guitar tone.

In this lesson, we are going to look at how to enhance your guitar tone with the SUPRO boost pedal.  One of the things that guitar players are always doing is working on learning how to enhance their guitar tone. Having the right guitar tone can make all the difference in your willingness to do what it takes to learn how to play the instrument.

There are many things that can help you to enhance your guitar tone. You can get familiar with your guitar itself as this has a lot of options for tone control. In fact, most guitars have controls on the instrument itself to help in this area.

Guitar Tone controls.

Most guitars have both a volume and a tone control knob. This gives the guitarist a wide variety of options. The volume knob turned all the way up can give a loud hard tone.  But if rolled down a bit, it can give a much softer sound. And if barely rolled up at all, it can give you a nice shift in the dynamics of the music.

The tone knob, on the other hand, can give you some variety as well. When rolled up all the way it gives a nice bright tone that can be very beneficial for some applications in the type of music being played with the guitar.

When the tone knob is rolled down it can give more of a darker tone that might work well in different places of the song or for different styles of music. Since you get a different sound from the guitar with the tone knob rolled down, you get inspired to create in a different way than when it is rolled all the way up.

The pickup selector switch.

On most guitars, you also have a pickup selector switch that can give you some nice ways to enhance your tone as well. This switch allows you to select which pickup you want to play. As they give you different tone options. Usually, you have a neck pickup and a bridge pickup. Sometimes you might have a middle pickup too.

These different pickups allow you to really shape your tone which can shape your style of playing. That’s the thing that is great about playing electric guitar, which is that you can create your own sound and style that is known only to you.  Another way to enhance your guitar tone is through using effects pedals.

Boosting your signal with effects pedals.

Enhancing your tone with guitar effects pedals is probably the most common way to do so.  Some of the pedals that are great options are guitar pedals such as Reverb, Delay, Overdrive, Distortion, Wah pedal & signal booster.

These types of pedals can do a world of good to your tone.  But when it comes to getting a nice clean boost for enhancing rhythm or playing guitar solos I recommend you try out the Supro Boost pedal.  This pedal is an excellent choice for this option.

Supro Boost pedal.

The Supro Boost pedal.

Supro Boost pedal

This pedal is great for this option because of its transparency to drive a nice amplifier.  Especially if that amplifier is a tube amp.  The J-Fet based pedal design delivers up to 20dB of noiseless gain boost plus optional high pass or low pass filtering to contour your over-all tone when the pedal is engaged.

The Supro Boost pedal is also straight forward and effective at remaining clean & sweet at all settings no matter what tone you are currently using or which pedals you have in the pedal chain before it. The Supro Boost pedal will always deliver a nice clean boost without compromising your guitar tone.

It also remains frequency linear as the gain is adjusted, allowing you to set the desired amount of boost with a nice big knob.  This knob allows for easy visibility when making adjustments on the fly without any need for adjusting any other volumes in pedals or at the amplifier.

The Supro Boost pedal is well constructed out of aluminum so it is lightweight but roadworthy if need be.  It can be powered by a 9v adapter or it can be used with a 9v battery.  The pedal has a nice, easy access compartment on the side if you choose to power the pedal this way.  This makes for easy portability and quick setup.  Just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

Lesson conclusion.

So as you can clearly see that there are many ways to enhance your guitar tone.  From the knobs on the guitar to using guitar effects pedals.  Too many to list in this lesson but if you do use pedals, make sure you learn how to set them up properly. Also, be sure to keep your hands and fingers in shape.

Make sure also that you acquire the right amplifier for playing rock music as well as take some time to learn about your guitar and all the neat things it can do for you on its own.  If you set guitar goals and work on these things I have taught in this lesson, you will be able to get the tone you are looking for and boost the signal with the Supro Boost pedal.

Also remember to keep practicing daily and keep learning new things about music, your guitar.  Also, take time to learn about how to maintain your guitar so that is will always be ready to play with peak performance.  This is something I can’t stress enough as it will serve you well over the years.  Just take a little time and work on it when you can and you’ll see how learning to maintain your guitar will affect your guitar playing.

And as always, if you’re having any issues with anything that you are working on, feel free to reach out.  You can shoot me an email here, or contact me on social media.  I will do my best to help you get over that hurdle.

Thanks again for reading and until our next lesson, take care.

Dwayne Jenkins