Metallica The Four Horseman Solo Example

This is a example of what can be done when you learn scales, alternate picking, ear & eye training, through lots of practice & focus.

This video is of me playing the middle solo to the Four Horseman by Metallica. I truly think one of Kirk’s best off this album.  Notice also at the end, the use of power chords. This whole song is awesome and utilizes alot of what made Metallica the metal monsters they are.

Playing lead guitar is a lot of fun & a lot of work.  You must be dedicated & determined more than the average guitar player.  You must develop patience & have the most serious commitment to the guitar.

To get started playing lead guitar you want to start out learning lead guitar scales.  These are what’s going to create the road map you need to travel to get across the fretboard.

This “roadmap” I speak of is how lead guitar players solo all over the neck & sound good with every note they play.  They know where they are going & they have discovered what works & what doesn’t.

By developing this roadmap for yourself, you’ll be able to do the same.  Play up & down the fretboard & sound good with every note you play.  You’ll amaze your friends.  Not to mention yourself.

Their are five scale patterns that are most common.  These are the minor pentatonic scales.  These are widely used by guitar players in many different styles & I would recommend you start there.  Then you can progress to more advanced scale box patterns.

Focus on just learning one at a time.  Learn the first box pattern & get it down really well.  Be able to see it on the fretboard & be able to play it fluidly up & down.  Then & only then move on to the next one & repeat the process.

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