Benefits Of Learning To Play The Electric Guitar

Benefits Of Learning To Play The Electric Guitar

In this lesson, we are going to look at the benefits of learning to play the electric guitar.  These are things that anyone of any age can do.  So if you’ve ever wanted to learn to play the electric guitar, now is a great time to start.


Health & exercise


Health benefits are very important to our well-being as humans on this planet.  And the best way to stay healthy is through exercise.  It allows us to keep our bodies as well as our minds sharp.  Learning to play the electric guitar does this very well.

The reason for this is because, in order to play the guitar, we need to use both our minds and our body.  Sometimes even bring in the spirit.

Learning to play guitar is great for physical exercise.  By holding guitar chords with one hand and strumming the guitar strings with the other.  Or even playing single-note melodies up and down the fretboard.

And in order to do all this, we need to exercise the brain.  Because the body always follows the mind.  So exercising the mind will help you to develop it better by tapping into unused resources.

This is why the guitar provides a great option for exercise.


Developing new skillsets


Learning to play the guitar is great for this purpose.  There are many skillsets that can be developed when learning to play the guitar.

Eye-hand coordination

Enhanced concentration

Multi-tasking focus


Social skills

These are just a few of the things you can develop when learning to play the guitar.  Learning new skillsets is something you should be striving for throughout your whole life.  Learning to play guitar allows you to do that.


Sharpens focus & concentration

Learning to play the electric guitar helps to sharpen focus and concentration by doing multiple things at once.  This forces the mind to work harder and become more organized in its thought patterns.

By taking weekly lessons, or learning on your own, it has been proven time and time again that the guitar is a great way to improve these skills.  By doing so, you will be able to learn faster and retain information better.



Self expression

One of the greatest avenues to self-expression is through art.  Music, although a language is also an art form.  Many great guitar players throughout the years have turned their music into beautiful forms of self-expressed art.

Learning to play the electric guitar will allow you to exercise self-expression quite easily.  This can be done by creating your own original music as well as your own original guitar, picks, strings, pedals, and everything else that has to with playing electric guitar.


Personal Achievement

Personal achievement

This is one of the greatest aspects of playing electric guitar.  Personal achievement.  The feeling of accomplishment.  As you go through life you always want to be striving for this in all areas.

Learning to play the electric guitar allows you to this quite easily.  There is so much you can learn on the guitar that it is nearly impossible not to develop personal achievement and feel good about yourself.

The reason for this is that the guitar can be challenging to learn.  Not too complicated, but enough to hold your interest.  You’ll develop a sense of overcoming obstacles, utilizing new skill sets, and pushing yourself to get better.

And if more help is needed

I recommend you check out the book I authored, Learn To Play Electric Guitar.

Learn To Play Electric Guitar

This book will show you everything you need to know to get started having fun playing electric guitar and accomplishing all that has been stated in this lesson.  Such things as:

What kind of guitar to use

What amplifier is best to start with

Chords most commonly found in songs

How to establish rhythm and timing

How basic music theory works

And much, much, more.

As well as a whole lot more.  If you’ve ever truly wanted to learn to play the electric guitar, there is no better time to start.  And this book will give you everything you need in an easy step-by-step method.  To quickly get you moving forward and accomplishing something fun in your life.


Lesson conclusion

In addition to that, the benefits of learning to play the electric guitar, you will learn a skill that will last you a lifetime.  You can take this skill and use it for self-expression, along with the ability to pass it on to others.  If you so choose to do so.  And if you need personal one-on-one instruction, be sure to contact me as we can do private lessons online or in-person.

Best of luck,

Dwayne Jenkins

Dwayne Jenkins Guitar Teacher