7 Tips On How To Make Yourself Play Guitar Everyday

7 Tips On How To Make Yourself Play Guitar Everyday

In this lesson, we will learn 7 tips on how to make yourself play guitar every day.  Learning guitar is not always easy & can sometimes be harder than we thought.  And because of this, it is often hard to stay focused and play guitar every day.  We see people play and it looks quite easy & we think to ourselves “I can do that” then when we try it, we find out very quickly how hard it is.  So here are 7 tips on how to make yourself play guitar every day.

1.) Set a Goal for what it is you want to accomplish with the guitar.

Most people don’t stick with it because they think it’s easier than it is and when they come across a hurdle they can’t get over they quit.  But if they had a crystal clear goal of WHY they’re doing it, they’d have reason to press on.  So make sure you follow this first step.  It can make all the difference.

2.) Write it down & put it in places you can see it.

Having it in your head is not enough.  You must write it down & look at it every day to keep your mind primed on why you’re doing it.  If you don’t have a strong enough WHY, you won’t stick with it in the long run, especially when times get tough.

3.) Devise an action plan to get you there.

Knowing what to practice daily has a huge impact on your ability to stay focused & motivated.  If you’re just learning stuff off of youtube you’ll get there.  Eventually!!  But you want to get there faster, you’ve got to know how to make yourself play guitar every day.

4.) Put that plan into daily action at once.

Once you have your plan figured out you can then begin to implement it.  You can get focused on what’s needed to learn.  Start with just a few things.  Don’t take on too much you’ll get overwhelmed, just keep it simple.

5.) Design a productive practice space.

This can make a world of difference in your daily progression as well. If you have a solid place to practice & you can stay focused for say 20-30 minutes a day, you’ll do much better than if you try to practice in a place that has distractions.  Leave that for later when you get better.  For now, keep it short & laser beam focused.

6.) Keep it fun.

Practicing guitar should not be a CHORE!! Like any other skill that we choose to develop we should want to do it.  we should want to get better because it’s fun.  But it’s up to us to make it that way.  When we’re doing exercises & warm-ups, they can be kind of boring, but they’re so essential to your learning that you don’t want to overlook them.

7.) Stay Consistent.

This is by far the most important!  without it, you will fail.  You must be consistent in anything you do to get better.  Learning the guitar is no different.  This where people get off track.  You know why?….  Because they didn’t do what is stated above.  They just winged it without any thought for a clear & concise direction.

And eventually, drop off or just play once in a while but don’t get better..  You want to get better??  Get focused & stick with it until you do. When will you know??  Oh, you’ll know,…. believe me, you put in the “string time” you’ll know.

And what’s cool, is that through it all you will build confidence & self-esteem.

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Follow these 7 steps & I guarantee you can’t go wrong when it comes to getting better.  And if you do it diligently enough, you’ll amaze yourself.  If you have any questions just contact me.

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