5 Tips For Anyone Starting On Guitar Electric Or Acoustic

5 Tips For Anyone Starting On Guitar Electric Or Acoustic

For anyone starting on guitar electric or acoustic, learning these 5 tips will help to make the journey more enjoyable, fun and easier to progress forward.  No matter if you play electric or acoustic.

Tip #1.  Make sure to have the right tools. 

Without the right tools, the job will not get done as well and you will meet with lots of frustration and probably quit before it gets done, or decide it’s not worth it to continue to the finish or decide to see it through but not do it again.  I know I’ve done this many times with different projects in my life.

I didn’t have the right tools and because of it, I didn’t get the job done as quickly as I would have liked to and met with much frustration while doing it.  And after I was done, I decided not to do it again.  So remember tip #1, when starting on guitar, make sure you have the right tools.

Tip #2.  Make sure to have a quality place to practice.

Also a very important part of what you are trying to accomplish.  If you are trying to learn your instrument and you have all kinds of distractions around you, this will make it very difficult to focus on learning.

You must find a place where you can focus on your studies for at least a brief time throughout the day or night to put in string time.  It can be a basement, extra bedroom, or garage.  It doesn’t really matter, Just make sure you have a quality place to practice.

Tip #3.  Get some quality training material to start learning.

The right material to learn from is very important.  It can determine if you progress quickly or slowly.  It will also let you know “what to practice”.  I once had a student ask me “why do I have to practice if I’m taking lessons” and I said “Because lessons teach you what to practice” I guess he didn’t like the practice part of it.

Anyway, find some good books at the music store, video training or take some group or private lessons.  If you can’t afford private lessons, find a good quality training program online.  These ones are nice and not too expensive.  Either way, get some quality training material to start learning.

Tip #4.  Develop a practice and learning routine.

Once you have the right tools, the right place to practice and the correct materials (book, videos, online training or private lessons) you can then set up practice and start learning with a routine.  This really helps because it gets your mind trained that come a certain time, it’s time to practice and get after learning the fun of playing guitar.

Develop a routine of just not a certain time to practice, but also a certain WAY of practicing.  For example, start off with some finger exercises for finger conditioning, then move on to basic chords and theory.  Develop a practice and learning routine and I guarantee anyone starting on guitar will see significant results.

Tip #5.  Set Goals for what you want to accomplish.

Why do you want to learn the guitar?  What is it your after?  Do you want to play in a band?  Or possibly, just want to learn for yourself?  Do you want to entertain family and friends?  Or do you want to become the next rock star to change the world?

All are valid reasons for learning (especially the last one)  but if you don’t know your WHY, you probably won’t stick with it.  So take some time to ask yourself some of these questions and look deep down within your self to find the answers.  Once you find them you’ll be ready to set goals for what you want to accomplish and get after it.

Bonus Tip!  Be Consistent & Don’t Neglect!

To be good at anything you choose to do you must be consistent.  There are many different ways you can approach starting on guitar and many different styles you can play.  Find what excites you and get to it.  Set some goals, develop a plan of action and be consistent with your practice.

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I guarantee if you don’t neglect this formula you will see amazing results.  Jimi Hendrix once said something like “guitar playing can sometimes make you want to quit, but if you stick with it, you’ll eventually be rewarded” I know this to be true because I was rewarded with teaching others how to discover the joy of playing guitar.

If you need a place to find the right tools you can look here and if you need any help with your studies, feel free to contact me.  

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Until we have our next lesson, Take care.

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