5 Lead Guitar Patterns To Master For Soloing

5 Lead Guitar Patterns To Master For Soloing

images-2 When it comes to playing guitar I think the most fun part to play is the lead guitar break!  It’s such a cool way to express yourself!  Well, that is, after you learn the essential 5 Lead Guitar Patterns To Master For Soloing!!!

There are literally thousands of lead guitar patterns

(scales) for playing guitar solos and you could spend a lifetime learning them all, but that’s not necessary.  I recommend starting with the most common 5 patterns.  And these are the minor pentatonic scales that you can view as patterns for easier learning.  These are:

pentatonic box patterns

These 5 patterns can serve you very well if you take the time to learn them.  They have been played by all the masters at one point or another.  People like:




I’m sure you know who these two masters are!

Many others as well have used these patterns.  They come from the blues and are patterns that can be used as building blocks for your lead guitar playing.  What’s great about these patterns (scales) is that they link together and span the whole fretboard.  Something like this:

pentatonic 5 box patterns

The first picture is shown with the guitar fretboard facing up.  This picture is the fretboard facing sideways like when you pay it and you can clearly see how these patterns connect like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  I’d recommend learning pattern 1 first as it is the most common and once you get that mastered, work on 2, 3 and so forth.

These are a great way to start out learning to play lead guitar.  Then once you do, you can be like the guy tearing it up in the first picture of this post.  Now if you’d like to see how this is used in a song you can view my youtube video here and get some insight.

This will hopefully inspire you

Get going on learning how to rock a hot solo!  And if you need help in this area, let me know.  That is what I’m here for.  To help you get to the level you desire. Of course, you have to let me know and put in the string time, but by working together, I know we can get you there.  And as always if you have any questions, feel free to connect with me on Facebook and I will do my best to guide you in the direction you choose.

So take your first step forward.  Leave a comment below, sign up for my video training, watch the youtube video example and learn pattern 1 today.  I know once you do, it’ll open up a whole new world of fun for you as it did me.

Thanks for reading, and until our next lesson, take care.

Dwayne Jenkins

Dwayne Jenkins
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